When you keep looking forward, waiting for things happen, you feel like time walks together on your side. You never realize that once you look back, things seem completely different with what it used to be. Then you look forward again, this time you know that times never walk beside you, it always running in …

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How I Survive Living Alone

Living on your own definitely a hard thing to do. You will change drastically into someone different than who you used to be. You will realize what’s important and what’s not. You shaped in this stage of your life. Well, at least me. As a teen, when I read or watch something that stated, that …

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Thank You (2018), Next!

New year is coming really soon. I am feel so overwhelming for everything that happen in this year. All the goods, new experiences, new faces, and the changes. I couldn’t thank God enough for all the things that happened. Not everything was good, but there was something good in everything that I’ve experiences this year. …

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