10 Days Challenge

Evening, fellas.

It’s my [can’t-even-remember-how-much-blog-I’-have-ever-have]-th blog’s post. Well, yeah I can say, there are so much ups and downs between me and blogs. Aku bahkan pernah nyoba beberapa provider blog yang super mainstream, like blogs*ot, wordpre*s, dan lain – lain. Kali ini sih aku beneran niat pengen nulis, cuma gatau nulis tentang apaan. Yes, I don’t have any topics that can make me write for a long time, so I go to google and try to find some challenges, like “30 Days Challenge” or “10 Days Challenge”. Because I think that the 30 one is too much for a newbie like me, than I decided to pick the 10 Days Challenge, and I think that I will start this night.
To make me remember it, I will post that challenge photo in here so this post will remind me about those topics I should write about.

And this is it~

The “10 Days Challenge” for myself, by myself, that I found somewhere when I google

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