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5 Things I Can’t Live Without

After decided that I’ll do professional blogging, I keep searching on Pinterest also Bloglovin about some blog ideas, about what should I write. Well, yes I don’t refuse that I keep want to write but didn’t have anything to write about hahaha. So after some researching, found this one and decided that I will write about this one. “5 Things I Can’t Live Without“. On the blog ideas post, the one I got was 10 things I can’t live without, but since I think it was too much, so I’m sure this one is the best choice.
Actually, I already wrote this one a long time ago, but it was so long so I was thinking to delete that one, and the post is still so raw and without any fun things beside. So, this is the list~~

● My Phone
Well, my phone is one of the most usage things I ever use in my life hahaha I realize that I can’t handle and survive in this world without my phone. Lebay yesss tapi yagitu… I’m a typically introvert who can’t stand still in the crowd. I don’t really like if anyone have any attention to me, and act or doing nothing in the public, like when I’m waiting for someone or public transportation and I just stand still doing nothing I feel like everybody looking at me and make me feel so embarrassed. So, I need to have my phone to open some apps or social media or just so me looking busy with my phone. It will be a problem when I forget to bring my phone, and fortunately until now I don’t ever forget my phone yet. In the other hand why I need my phone so much is because my Parents need to make sure I’m doing okay by try to call or message me in Whatsapp, since my Parents are so far away.

● My Laptop
I have this one since I moved to Jakarta, and started my college life. I realize that college life will be so much harder if I don’t have a pc or laptop. As pc is not so practice and easier to take, I choose laptop so it will be easier for me to take it to anywhere. Well, as time goes by, I finish my college and ended up in a far away place hahaha and if I have nothing to do in my weekend -or even weekday night- my laptop will accompany me so my life will never feels so bored hahaha. Actually it accompanied me since my first time live by myself. As someone who really love to be alone in my room, my laptop is actually my bestfriend.

● Books
There’s no other reason, I just forever in love with books. I always prepare a book in my bag whenever I go out -except I just bring a clutch or a sling bag. I really need book when I’m in a train or in a long trip. I always read a book to before I sleep. If in a special occasion I can’t bring a book but I really need to read one, I will read ebook on my phone. Yessss I always prepare a lot of ebooks on my phone 😀

● Tea

My morning without a cup of tea is just feels like disaster *lebay yesss wkwk. My mood will suddenly changes, I feel no spirit to continue my day, sometimes I feel stomachache or even lil bit headache. Yes, I really need a cup of tea every morning. I prefer tea as my breakfast. Even when I eat rice or bread as my breakfast, without tea it is still feel wrong. Besides morning, I prefer to drink my tea in the night, or noon, or any time as I wish. A cup of tea, with less sugar, a hot water and I’ll be okay a whole day…

● Lipstick
Well, my loveliness to lipstick was starting one year ago. Before that I never use anything on my lip. Not even lipbalm. It make my lip feels so dry. Then in my 4th year of my college life, I bought a lipbalm to stop my lip from dryness. I try to bought a lipbalm with color, a pink one to reduce my dark lip color. After that I really like to see my lips with some color on it. After that before I graduate, I bought my first lipstick. It was NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream shade Antwerp. It is in bright pink color, since my lip is so dark, it perfectly fit for me. I am so excited to write about my lipstick. One day I will write about all my collection and every stories why I buy it. Please patiently waiting ;D

That all the “5 Things I Can’t Live Without”. Sorry it finally published after a long time, my weeks were so busy and my works getting more and more day by day it close to end year. See you on my next post. Bye <3


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