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A Sky Enthusiast

Recently, I use my brain too much. I’m so into thinking. I love to think. Lots of thing happened in my life, sometimes I feel so stuck, so tired, and my brain can’t stop thinking, my mind never be quite. At that time, I really love to do something to stop my mind from thinking too much. I love to doing nothing and enjoy life. I love to take a deep breath and look at the sky. And every time I did that, I fell so happy.

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I didn’t really remember when I start to love the sky. I just know that now I’m so into it. Deeply, I feel my mind stop thinking much when I look at the sky. My mind randomly clear a little bit when I look up. Before, I really like to look at the star, the moon, also the calmness of the night sky, and I call myself a stargazer. But lately, I realize that I more in love with the sky not just the star.

The best part is when I going back home after office hour, and the sun start to set. You can’t deny that it is so beautiful. It calm me down when I just look into it.

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I believe that every time the sky looks so different. Sometimes it look so clear, little blue yet so bright. Sometimes it looks little bit red and grey at the same time. It is different any other time. How could I hate it? Even when I am in a bad mood and angry, look at the sky really made my day. It cheer me up and make me realize life is so big to just worry every single day.
Look at the sky make me realize that you are just a teeny tiny little part of this world, yet your world is limitless. Your world have no borders, it is just you that make the border and distress your own self.

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The other thing about the sky that I love the most is when I am on an airplane. I go somewhere, let’s say I go back home. I am far away from the land, but still the sky is up upon us. It is so high that we can’t never reach it, yet it feels so close to just look at it. When I’m on the plane and look up the sky, I’m between the sky and the cloud, I feels so happy to just look at it. That’s why I always wonder about the people who afraid to go somewhere with plane. Like….when you afraid, you just need to look at the sky and you will not think about how frighten it is. Just enjoy it…

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I always hope my eyes can act like a super HD camera that can capture everything as it is, all the fragments, all the colors, all the layers, I can capture with my own eyes and archive it so I  can open and look whenever I want.

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And that’s why I called myself a “Sky Enthusiast“…


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