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Another Cinderella Story

She is Vania, I used her photo as am illustrationđŸ˜…
She knocked the door,
There is a slightest move she heard.
She was waiting,
Till someone reached the door.
She showed her brightest smiled,
He, who open the door, shocked.
“How could I just saw the prettiest smile now?” He said.
He told her to come,
To sit together and taste the warmest tea he has.
They talked.
They connected.
They laughed and shared story.
Then the clock was ringing,

And told her, it’s time to go home,

Go back to the world she came from.

She gave him a bitter smile,

One that obliquely said,

“This is our goodbye”

She wants to stay,

And waiting for his words to stop her go.

He wants her to stay,

Yet nothing comes out from his mouth.

He just smiled, waved his hand,

Sincerely told her to have a great life.

And that’s how their story ends.


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