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Blogging vs. Vlogging

“Why blogging not vlogging?”

This is one of the frequently asked questions from my friends to me. Why I choose blog while currently, vlog is one of the most popular things especially in Indonesia. I love to read since I was a child, my parents introduce me to books and reading and here I am now, cannot spend a day without reading a book, novel, comic or anything with a long paragraph or a storyline. But, the question is still there, why I chose blog and not vlog?

One of the reason is already up there, that I love reading so much, it will make me easier to understand what my reader want to have and what I want to deliver to the reader.

Basically, blogging and vlogging is just a media for people to do the storytelling. Some people choose blog while others choose vlog. It all depends on yourself, which one you prefer? If you can do both, below are some things that will help you choose which side you are better at.

Writing or Speaking?

One simple question that will lead you to where you should go, do you prefer writing and play with words, or you prefer speaking and told people by audio/video kind of things? For an introvert like me, talking is not my favorite things. I’m shy and mostly forget every scenario I already made when I need to talk in front of some audiences. In most of the case when I want to share something I know, I prefer writing and “talking” by words. I know a friend who is so different than me. He is never really like writing and reading, but so interest in┬ávideo, talking, and speaking in front of some audience. I also know a friend who really likes to be a center of attention, where he is so much energized when people pay more attention to him when he’s speaking or tells a story. For them, vlogging is the right thing to do when they want to share or to do storytelling.

Your best skill and passion

It’s time to looks deep on yourself and understand more of yourself. What is your best skill? What do you do better? Some video editing or writing content? What do you like more? Spending hours and hours to edit the video or spending days on editing the entire blog and found the best words to write? It also the time to know what your passion is? Do you feel more productive when you are typing a full page or when you get a full video of your best hacks to share with people?

Still confuse? Try it both.

When you still confuse which will you love more, it is time to try it both. Try to do some writing and also to talk in front of the camera and share it both. Which one is more interesting than the other? What media do you feel match more with yourself? Which one do you want to do in a long term?


At the end of the day, what is matter is not the media itself. It is the content, the knowledge and the information you want to share with other people. Because storytelling is a way to make yourself feel more content, more useful, more helpful to the other. Try it now, start your own version of storytelling and you will agree with me ­čÖé


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