Day 1: Ten Random Facts about Yourself

Evening, folks~

Me here again. In the last post, I’ve told you that I will start this challenge yesterday, but then the procrastinator-side-of-me make me do the other things till midnight and then…I was too sleepy to write anything.

As you see in the photo, the Day 1 challenge is post “10 Random Facts about Yourself”. Well, I’ll try to write, not only the 10 facts about me, also the random ones.

So……..Enjoy it~

1.      I’m a girl who don’t like the girly stuff

Yes, that sentence describe me well. I never like a place with all the pinkish thing hanging in the wall; I hate to spend my precious time just sit down, doing nothing, and get my hair-or-even-body is touched by other people when I go to Salon. I prefer to see myself in pants than skirt. My Mom often said that my room looks like a disaster just happen. I like shopping, but going to the entire place just to found the cheapest-but-still-looks-like-the-expensive-one things is not really my thing. Though, when I’m alone, I will uncontrollable buy many things, still it will come from the same place and don’t need much time to found it all. But, you know, people said time change everything. So now, I am slowly change become more looks like a girl. Because, I realize that girl will never be a girl forever, they should change to be a woman, right?

But, wait…..I’m getting confuse again with my writing, it’s about me don’t like the girly stuff, right?……………………… oh well…………just move on……………

2.      At the first meet, I will looks like an introvert, but then everything change :O

I believe that when everyone first met with me, they will think that I’m an introvert, I’m so shy, I’m so calm, a quiet little girl who never mad and angry and will never scream and laugh out loud. The reality is I AM NOT………… When I met the right person, the one I feels ‘click and match’ with, I can totally change to be the other people. I will jokes around, laugh out loud, acting silly and all the other things you think I’m not. I can easily getting mad and angry at someone, especially those people that I consider to be my forever-friends-no-matter-what-happen-we-will-still-together-for-a-long-long-time. When I am alone, I’m the introvert one, I like to being alone and allergic to crowds and people, and when I’m with my best friends I feels like alone locking at home is so annoying. If I’m far away from them, then I back to be the old me, the introvert one.
So, what you called me then? An-introvert-that-sometimes-can-be-an-extrovert-too? How about inxtrovert? Or extrintrovert?

3.      I’m getting distracted easily

Hell yeah, I am. It’s so easy to distract me. When I am looking so much focus on a thing, try to call me or ask me something that is not important at all, and you will have the long answer from me. When I am studying, I can randomly get distracted by my phone ringing, when I check my phone, it turn out to be the spamming message or jarkom things (if you are an Indonesian student, you absolutely know what jarkom is hahaha :p), but after that I check all my social media account, sometimes play the games, or even texting while it doesn’t really needed. When I am writing something (as I write this blog post), it needs more time than it should be, because I randomly check on my facebook, open some site that I just think, also open people-who-I-don’t-really-know-’s profile. Just like it should happen now, right here right now? It’s just too much easily distracted. Oh yes, I can’t say much more but it is sadly true :’-)

4.      I really want to have an older brother

 I love my family so much. Yes, I do. But, beside them I really hope that I have an older brother. I always curious how it feels when you has someone who always be there for you and always protect you. I want to have an older brother with a small age gap, so he can know my friends and so do I. I love to watch in movies when the girl has an older brother and then she is randomly getting hurt, then her brother being the first person who know it and protect her. Beautiful, isn’t it? Maybe it still a long time to go, but I dream that I can have at least two children, a boy and a girl, so the boy –the older one, can protect and make her little sister always feels safe when their parent are not with them. I love my family, but dream about something is not a sin yet, right?

5.      I like to play the card games on PC with some music on

Randomly, it is right. When night come and I already tired or bored with books and movies, I love to hear some music, sing it loud. But it feels awkward if you just hear it and singing, while your hands doing nothing. So I sometimes play the games on PC, the one it always be there when you get a PC. Know it, right? FreeCel*, Solitair*, and SpiderSolitair*. Hahaha sometimes I play Minesweepe* too. It kindly nerd and freak but I don’t know why I like it wkwkwk. If you open my pc and goes to those games’ history, then you will know how much I play it. If you don’t have any other things to do, just try it. Don’t forget to play your favorite music, then you will like it just like me. Believe me, people!!

6.      It’s my don’t-even-remember-how-much-blog-I-have-ever-made-th blog account

I already try some provider to made blog. I made it then getting confuse about many things. What should I post, what if my theme looks bad, what if someone read my blog post and laugh of it, what if my post is too cheesy, what if my post embarrass me. Well, this time I don’t even care anymore about what people think. Just be me, the way I am. Screw them who laugh for it or think it is too cheesy. Just don’t read it okkkkkkk!!?

P.S. I don’t really know and believe that there are people who read my blog post tho………

7.      I’m overthinking…

I just realize it now. Eh, nope. I’m lying. I know it so much, that I’m overthinking. That’s the reason why I can’t sleep early every night. Because, before I sleep, I always thinking about everything. Yes!!! Everything! When I want to do something I always think about the after-effect, the short even the long term effect. When I already doing something, it just need some second for me to not to think about it, then I will thinking it for like ever……… I always told my sister that she is overthinking all the time, but now it turn out that I am the one. Inside of me always feels like I’m tired of this overthinking-thingy, and I stop overthinking for some time. But then I back to the way I am. Thinking and thinking and never stop…………… but I just think it right now, is it the reason why us-human have brain, to think, right? So, I’m using my brain well, eh? HAHAHA (denying)

8.      I’m getting tired of this post

Deep inside me feels this post is too much, too long, need more effort than it should be. And I am here sitting and writing, thinking that this is too much… I’m tired………

9.      I already posted a “20 Facts about Me” on Instagram

I posted it a long time ago. Those facts are the real one, and I think that this post’s facts are the random one. Well, it doesn’t mean that the random one is not the real one, but yeah I’m just saying. Btw, I’m confusing again……

10.  I thank God this post is over

Can’t say more, you could see as the describe paragraph getting decrease from the very first fact. I do really thank God that I can finish this post, the very first one of my current blog. Well, I just want to tell you that those facts are real, so here I am getting tired and bored and distracted ;P

Yes, it is all from me. You just can simply check my tumblr or twitter or facebook or even instagram to know me more than what I wrote here. See you on the next post. Bye!


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