Day 2: Nine Things You Do Everyday

Hello again. I am here now, coming from exhausted and hectic daily life, and just can write again now.
I’ll try my best to write something again these days. Hope I don’t tired and bored enough to write everyday wkwk. Btw, let’s start~~

Today I will post the next day of my 10 days challenge, it’s about nine things I do every day. So, lemme think about it….
1. I always wake up late when I don’t have any promises to meet someone or doing something. Usually, I woke up between 8 to 9 a.m. hahaha what a girl I am…………………..
2. I must start my day with a cup of hot tea. It must particularly is a tea. When I drink coffee or milk before start my activities, it feels different and don’t really made my day…. I can randomly feel angry hahaha
3. I always check my phone first when I open my eyes. Well, I just want to found something that can really make me feel better to start my day, or something that can make me smile even I’m still in my bed. But sometimes, I got something that make me down and don’t really feel like I want to start my day as soon as possible. You must know what I mean, right?
4. It needs 15 to 20 minutes for me to take a bath, even I’m in a rush and should go somewhere as soon as possible. When I spent less than it, I feels like my body is not that clean.
5. I check my phone battery is enough for a day. I always charge it when I am taking a bath and always bring my charger where ever I go.
6. I am making sure that my bag fill up with the important and useful things for a day. I learn from some mistake when I don’t check it again and forget to bring something and I feels like in a bad mood for a whole day. Yes I am hahahaha
7. It takes 10 minutes in each morning for me to find the right and match hijab that I will use. And sometimes it take 5 more to make sure that my hijab is good enough to be seen by other people. Well, you don’t know, who you will eventually meet that day. I should look good everyday hahahaha
8. My laptop always standby and on when I in my room. I use it for anything, even when I don’t really need it.
9. I always watch something when I have a lunch or dinner in my room alone. Because it is so sad and lonely if I just eat without doing something. And it help me a lot from my home-sick, because when I am in home, me and my family always have a lunch and dinner together and everyone share and told something about their day. And now I already miss them :’)
Well, it’s all for this post, getting shorter and to the point right? Hahaha I hope I can and want to post more every day. Bye!

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