Day 3: Eight Things that Annoy You

Hi. I’m back with the next day of #10DaysChallenges. For today, I will tell you about the 8 things that most annoy me.

So, those are things that you should not do whenever you be with me or want to get close to me…

  1. Say something bad about my family, especially my parents, my sister and also my brother. They are the most important people in my whole life, so I will not thinking twice to cut our relationship (whatever it is) with someone that talk bad about them.
  2. See someone being bully-ed because his/her past. I believe that it is something that should be a lesson learned, not some reference-about-your-present-and-also-future-and-who-you-are-today.
  3. When someone being harsh and rude to someone who older that him/her. Have a respect please! It’s getting horrible if the one they being rude is as old as his/her parents.
  4. A man that being bad and ruthless to his girlfriend. I’m pretty sure that he is not and will never being a gentleman. Even a little boy is better than him.
  5. When a girl is so arrogant and being bossy because her pretty and beautiful face. Girl, your attitude and personality is way more important than your pretty little face. Just remember, it won’t last forever 😉
  6. If something bad happen in my morning and instantly made me bad mood, then everything that happen in that will annoys me. So, please be nice to me on my morning (some morning text from you will make it better) (((((YOU WISH WKWK)))))
  7. When I’m on my period, everything you’ve done will annoyed me. Pardon me, but believe me it just once a month 🙂
  8. When I’m hungry, some little noise will annoy me. So, make sure that I already get my lunch….. 🙂

(source: a blog)
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