Day 4: Seven Fears/Phobias

still about this post. I’ll make it simple so I will never get bored when I write it wkwk

1. Ophidiophobia. I rarely fears of any animal, but snake is an exception. Always shaking and almost crying when one showed up in front of me.
2. Acrophobia. without realize it, I have a phobia of height, I always love to be in high place but when I alone in a high place, I cant help it but scared.
3. Drowning. I cant swim, but I love to play in water, big problem of mine, right? :’D
4. Fears of zombie, inferius, and any other monster-that-came-from-human. Until now I dont even know if those creatures are existed, but still afraid, every single time I thought they are existing and will show up in front of me.
5. Made my parents disappointed on me. I dont know, it just feels terrible even when I was just thinking about it.
6. Losing people I love the most. Like the death of my family and best friends, and also when my very bestfriends told me that we must stop being friend anymore. So sad, eh?
7. Dying… (a lil bit religionless but I must honest, right?) Every time I thought I will live in next-life without even know and be together with those important and precious people of mine, I feels like crying 🙁


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