Day 5: Six Songs that I’m Addicted to.

this will be my fave one haha!

1. Secondhand Serenade – Your Call. All time fave, cant deny it.
2. Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud. Always dreaming one day someone will sing this song to me, sincerely.
3. One Direction – Little Things. another lovey dovey and cute song.
4. John Mayer – Friends, Lovers, or Nothing. Every single sentence has a deep meaning, cant stop loving it.
5. Michael Bolton – When A Man Loves A Woman. First time I heard this song was not the original version, but the cover one. But after heard the original version, I fall for it.
6. Taylor Swift – Clean. I dont know why I put this song into my list, but recently love this song. Not Taylor’s best song but who cares I love it.

So hard to decided those 6 songs I’ve recently (and maybe forever) addicted to. I’ve already posted my #top15playlist in my instagram, but still there are many song I love that is not in the list.

So, that’s all~ bye.


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