Day 7: Four Memories

This one is the hardest one so far, because I am that kind of person that easily forget about something (except that thing hurt me so much, or give too much happiness for my life). So, my memories will not so far like about my childhood or teen years, and here they are.

1. My graduation day. All my happiness happened in the whole 3 days (rehearsal day, graduation day and PSB Night) cannot be replace with anything else 🙂
2. My sister’s wedding. I don’t know, it feels like everything simply and slowly changed since then.
3. My 21’s birthday surprise. I  didn’t have any idea that my best-friends throw me a surprise party that day, well I know they will but I just dont know it’s 6 days after my birthday. I love them so much!
4. The last one happened not so long, a few months ago. I will not told you what is the memory, let it be my secret wkwkwk but, still I believe if one day I re-read this post, I will know exactly what(and who) this memory talk about 🙂

that’s my not-so-important-yet-the-first-four-memories-I-can-think-now.


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