Day 9: Two Things I Wish I Could Do

Oh, it’s been I while since I wrote my last #10dayschallenge. I was drowning in the middle of write-about-my-feeling-and-what-I-thought ocean, so I forgot about this one wkwkwk. The last one was Day 8, right? So this is my Day 9

1. Something artsy, like doodling or painting. I really love to look at it. I adore how a painter shows his/her feeling through the paint. How they paint something and magically looks alive. I wish I could do it hahaha but I guess it’s not really my thing……………

2. Another art thingy, I wish I could play any instrument like guitar, or piano, or violin. But, since I couldn’t (and don’t think I want to learn it in this time) so I just like to see anyone who could play it. I love it when someone (specially a man) play that kind of instrument, shows his feeling through the melodies. I am that kind of girl who love to listen a ballad or mellow music. I always feels like it cool me down, and made me calmer and easier. And if anyone I know play those instrument for me (specially for me, just for me) for my birthday, with my favorite songs, I couldn’t ask for more. Maybe I can fall in love as soon as possible hahahahaha


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