Do Professional Blogging?

Wow finally!! I’m so satisfying and excited right now!!

I was thinking about it for a long time. I really want to do something that I adore so much from the other people. A thing that I think need a lot of effort. I really want to do blogging professionally. I look at some blogs and envy them so much. As an engineer, I didn’t really know about coding, html, css, and those things together need in blogging and website. I already try so many things on this blog, I change the template, I change the header, and sometimes I’m thinking about change the theme of my posts.
Two weeks ago, I got this blog name “Mostly Morgan“. I love her blog in the first sight. I told myself to do blogging like her. I told my bestfriends that I really want to do professional blogging. They ask what is it, and I just need to show Morgan’s website and told “just like this one”. I do some research, I do found some tips on Pinterest, also Bloglovin. I really enjoy this one, I take some notes, I was even thinking about change the provider, just because I want to have the best template that match my theme. After some efforts, I finally come to this.
If you search on Google, it will said that Professional Blogging is someone who blogs for a living. Well, for me I don’t really need to do something that extreme. All I want to do is be more focus on something I love so much. I really want to do a thing that really catch my full attention but also fun for me to do. I really this after trapped on corporate life. I realize that I already trap there so I won’t to spent my whole life just focus on that life, but also live my life to the fullest. Live my life to the one I really love and want to do. Blogging is my escape plan from this boring yet need-to-do life.
So, I made my decision, that I will still use this provider also this domain, just because I don’t really get the other name who match my theme at all. In the other hand, this domain also known by some of my friends, so I’m afraid if I change it, they can’t recognize me at first time.
Well, it’s already late, I need to sleep soon, cause Monday Morning will coming soon. I just want to promise to you all that I’ll try to keep posting once a week at first, then after I got the feeling then I will post about two times a week, or maybe more. I’ll keep writing on English, so my English will be better. And also I’ll try to have some interesting topics in the future. Just keep reading and waiting for my new post yaa ^^
That’s all, bye. Nighty nite!

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