At least once in your life, you will feel empty. You will feel like you kinda disappoint on yourself and you little bit dissatisfied with your life. You feel that your circle is too small, and the city you lived is way too crowded. You feel like the topics you are talking about are not so important. Your dreams are never be told and shared. Your plans are always be plans and never be a destinations. You will feel it at least once.

No, it’s not that you are ungrateful. It’s not that you hate your life. It’s not that your friends never talk and like you. It’s not that you have a family that never love you. No!
Sometimes it means that you need something different. It means you need to try new things, travel new cities, hike new mountains, swim in new beachs. It means you should try to know people. Shared your dreams, your deepest thought, you need to talk. You need to talk about your life and your dreams. You need to shared your thought, the good or even the bad. Try to told someone about things that filling your mind.
Dear, believe me you need to try something new. Try to meet new people. Try to found someone who can catch and keep your weirdness. Try to live in new place. Try to open new chapter of your life.
It doesn’t mean that you are a bad person, who never feel grateful for who you are. Never thank God for your life, and how great it already be. It doesn’t mean that you don’t love your family, or you hate your best friends. No it doesn’t mean that you dislike your circle and how things happened around you.
Believe me. You just need to know how is world rotating, and how things work. You need to know how other people’s life, love and thought, and yes also their dreams. You need to know how the other cities looks, how high the sky is, how deep the oceans are, how hard to climb a mountain, and how amazing it looks when you reach it up. You also need to know how hard someone else’s life.
You need to know that there are so many things we can shared and thought about life, and there are so many sides you can see about a problem. You need to know that sometimes what you think the best is not always the best, and what you think is bad is somehow a great thing for you. To travel around, and to talk and shared your deepest thought with others are the best things to fill your emptiness in your life.
It’s okay to feel that, one that matters is how and what you do to make things get better.

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