End October, Sunday Night

It’s Sunday night, and I’m so stuffed up so I need to write here to clear up my mind.

I always advise to my friend that she need to move on as soon as possible, that she needs to try. I always tell her, look at me as an example, that you can move on once you try. That’s what I believe. That’s what I keep tell her. But, you know what, I realize it all are so bullshit. I can’t even take myself as an example anymore, cause I know, it is not true. I’m not totally move on.

Move on is such an easy word to say, yet the harder action to do. I believe anyone agree with me. I’m not talking about moving on from someone that ever hurt or betray yourself. I’m talking about move on from someone that totally understand you, so nice to you, but unfortunately you can’t be together. Did you believe such a word that “love is limitless”? That there are nothing that can separate when two people are in love. Well, I don’t even and ever believe it. Even when you’re loving someone, sometimes it is not that easy. You should calculate you act to make people around you happy. All you should do are forget and move on, once there are closest people of you who are not happy of your relationship.
For me, move on are differentiate from the way you separate. When you break up because one of you are hurt the other, then you have a good reason why you should move on. It will make your heart hurt and will stop thinking your ex. But, when you both separate because of some cultural things or race or even religion, then all the reason just stuck up in your head, it’s all reason for your mind, and explain by your logic. It will never reach your heart. It will be totally to different world that believe different thing. One believe that you should move on, while the other keep thinking about the ex.


Such a problem~~



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