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Erased up your memories?

What the point of knowing someone, when in the end you can erased them up if something you don’t like happen.
I just finished watch “eternal sunshine of spotless mind”. I like the movie, so much. But I didn’t really like the idea of the movie itself. I mean, how could you hate someone till you must erase them up? Isn’t we try to know people because of the memories they will left to us?
Maybe it is not because you hate them, maybe because you love them so much, and loving them means hurting you in the same time. Call me an idiot but I really like when I can remembered someone, a memory about them before I sleep. Just a tiny little memory could made my night. I know they hurt you, but no one can deny whenever you remember the good things happened between you both, you will smile, happy, flattered, your heart cant stop fluttering fast. Yes, I like that kind of feeling. The feeling you got because you remember someone made you smile, laugh, feeling be loved, despite every single things they ever said and did and made you sad.
I like the quotes above. It is all about timing. But, it all already happened, right? Why you being so sad, and regret it and try to erased them up? Just relax. Clear your mind. Take a deep breath and being grateful that you can met them. You had some memories with them. Something that you both can share when you unexpectedly meet each other in the next 5 year, or maybe 10 years, or after that. Just being grateful for everything. And believe me, you life will be more easily, light, and happy.
Well, I blabbing too much. Ended up cant say nothing than it is a good movie. Worth to watch. And you will realize how important a memory is.

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