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Friends, Lovers, or Nothing

————————————————————————-First Mind————————————————————————–
she laugh and your world stop for a while
she told you her day and nothing feels more important than that
she cry and your deepest thought want to go found the reason
she smile and you just know you are not the reason

————————————————————————Second Mind————————————————————————-
he is so kind, i wish my lover would be like him
he is so humorous and and i laugh out loud for him
he is so caring and i hope my lover can be as caring as him
he is my best friend and i thank God for gave him to me

————————————————————————-Third Mind————————————————————————–
they both want to be with each other forever
but still for a different role
one of them want to be lover
while the other want to be friends

me sitting in this chair
see two of my best friend talk
i have my mp3 turn on with the earphone in my ear
playing John Mayer’s “Friends, Lovers or Nothing” again and again


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