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How to Enjoy Your ‘Me-Time’

I’m an introvert (errr, states more than 1000x), and a single woman. I also live alone far away from home and family. Weekdays feel like forever, and when weekends come, I don’t really know what to do. But, since my third year in college, I try to spend my weekend on my own. Well, before that I always with someone on my weekend, mostly my sister. On my weekend, I try to do things I like and do it alone. Sometimes it feels awkward, how other people stare at me. But, at times I just realize, it all means nothing, they don’t even look at me, I just feel awkward all by myself. I understand that most of the people who start to do things by her/himself will feel exactly like me for the first time. So, here are things you need to do to enjoy your ‘me-time’.

  1. Do something you really love

Take your laptop, or your camera, or your book, or anything you love. Just do what you really love to. Things that make you forget time, and you’ll be ended up enjoying it so much. In the end, you will feel refresh and can start your week with some positivity.

  1. Find the best place

Where you do those things is one of the important things. Try to do it far from your room. Find a place that suits your taste the most. Your favorite coffee shop, or your favorite restaurant. A library is also good, try new museums or some bookstore you have your eyes on for a long time. Go out from your room and find your own world out there.

  1. Dedicate the whole day just for yourself

For me, the ‘me-time’ is not just an hour or two, it must be a whole day. I start from the morning and end in the night where I feel tired yet happy. The thing this day as one of your time to learn about yourself. Do things you love for a whole day is one of the best cure for your monotonous life. You maybe don’t think your life is so monotonous, but since you’ll understand once you try it differently.

  1. Schedule your day, but do it flexibly

If it’s your first time do this, you need to schedule it. You don’t really need to do it neatly, you just need to know what you want to do. List it down and try to do it flexible. For me, mostly I start with cook in the morning, I’ll go to the near coffee shop, spent my time there, and end with go to the mall, if I want to buy something. Also, sometimes I add up bookstore to my list, or just wandering all around the mall. I know what I want to do alone, but if times come up and I still enjoy do the things before, then screw the schedule, I will do it in my way ;D

  1. Just try to do it now

Try it first, and you will know what the happiness and enjoying things I’m talking about. Don’t let other people judgment keep you down or lock you up in your room. Who them to judge if you love to eat alone? Or watch the movie by yourself? Or even wandering around the mall all by yourself. If you enjoy it, then do it. And believe me, you’ll enjoy me just like me 😉

Here are some ideas of ‘me-time’ activities you need to try. I found it while surfing around on Pinterest.

Try what you want to and you’ll thank me later.

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