How to Stay Positive When Life Turn to be Negative

Whether you like it or not, life will always come on a package of the ups and downs, the goods and the bads thing, the positive and the negative. There are not any options for you to choose what you want. You can do your best but the result is not always promising. Me, just like you also experience not only once or twice, but plenty of downs in my life. Sometimes I feel so miserable and sad, ended up getting in an early stage of depressing. When I feel sad and depressed, I will lock myself in my room. I don’t go anywhere, don’t have any desire to meet anyone, not even my best friend. As life goes on, here I am in my twenties, I realize that life will always hit you very hard, so hard that you will easily fall down, throw up, and feel so small. The competitive side of myself was wake up and it forces me to learn what should I do and think whenever life hits me, so I will not easily defeat and lose to the downs. Here six things you need to do to keep positive when the situation getting negative.

1. Stop over-complaining about what happened. It will never give you a better life.

Once or twice, complaining is okay. Sometimes you need to talks about your life, better or worse, with someone else. You need to share it, to make you feel secure and safe, that there is someone that cares for you and make sure you will not feel alone and depressed. But you have to know the limit. Over complaining means, you complain more than the limit you put. Over complaining can close your eyes from the good part of something and make you just see the bad part. It can consume your energy and you will feel negative all the time. It also tiresome for people around you when you complaining all the time. Stop complaining too much. Even the bad thing also have a good part that you can learn about.

2. Never give up! Keep doing your best and believe in the power of hard work.

When you do something and you keep getting failed, never stop trying. You have to beat your own score. Never let the negative and the hit make you feel smaller than you have ever achieved. When you keep doing the best thing you could, day by day you will be better. It maybe sounds so cliche, but logically it happens like that. When you keep doing something, you will know it better, you automatically analyze what should you fix. But imagine if you give up, you will not getting closer. You will stop at the point where maybe it is the last time you failed. So, never let the negativity stop you from being your best, doing your best, and stop your hard work.

3. Know the situation and yourself better.

When you are in your lowest situation, you will learn so many things. You will learn about yourself, who you are, what you like, what you hate, what will make you depressed, who your real friends are, who can you trust and any other things. When you are at your peak, maybe you will not learn about it all, all the friends seems good and care, all the materialistic make you feel happy temporarily, the fame and money cover up what your real passion is. So, the best time to learn about your situation, yourself, your surrounding, and your circle, is when you at your lowest. Instead of getting sad, let’s try some self-knowledge kind of thing.

4. Be more grateful.

Have you ever heard about a challenge to write one thing that makes you happy on a daily basis for a month? It is the idea of being grateful, even for a small tiny little thing that happens that day. You need to know that maybe the small thing that happens to you is actually a big thing for someone else. You need to be more grateful for whatever it is, that way your life will be more meaningful, and you will not easily be sad and down because you realize that besides that sad thing, you have something to be grateful for. So, how about trying that “Gratitude Challenge” I said before? 🙂

5. Escape from toxic people.

If you feel that you already do your best to keep positive, but in the end you always being negative, maybe there’s something you need to check first. Do you have someone inside your circle or someone that you regularly meet, who actually is the toxic person (or people) that push you down so hard to the negativity? It is the right time for you to be selfish and put yourself first! Escape as soon as possible from those kinds of people. You have to if you want to stop being negative. No, don’t try too hard to change themselves, it’s coming from within and most of the time, they don’t feel bad for being negative, and never feel that they need to change themselves. If you cannot completely escape from them, maybe you need to build your wall with them. Never let a toxic people poison your life, fill it with negativity and make you believe that the problem is yourself. Nope, they are the problem.

6. Take a break time. Go out and feel a different ambiance.

It is a bonus tip for you. To take a break once in a while is a must. You need to feel different ambiance. See the other part of your city, or maybe you want to travel to the other part of your country. A simple staycation somewhere far away from your daily activity is also a good thing to try. Maybe you are not down or sad, you just feel the slump from your daily job. A short escape is never hurt, you know 😉


Those six things are what I do when I feel sad and down. I believe everyone has their own way to keep being positive. You just need to do what you think as the best thing to keep being positive.

So, what do you do to stop the negativity spread into your life? Please share it in comment section~

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    1. Hi Lauren, thank you! I also new to this blog-world. I’ve been on your blog page too, and I love it too <3 Let's keep writing 🙂

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