I’m done☺

Last night I dreamt of many people. People from my childhood, people I knew in collage, and people from my work. In so little time I dreamt of them all. There are people I just saw, but I talk to most of them. Then I saw you. You were there, with your friends. But you just passing by. You walk away without look at me. I just saw you go, for any second then I talk to my friends again. When I woke up, I realize… I didn’t even try to find you. I let you go. I gave up on you. I try not to care. I try not to found you anymore. I know, this is when I’m moving on. When even in my dream I don’t care about you anymore. I believe when we dream about something, it’s our subconscious thought about things. Something you can’t deny or lie. I believe, we dream what we thought over and over in a day. So, when I dream about you, and I let you go without any kind of curiosity about where you go and people around you, I can surely said…I’m done, dude 😏

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