It is the eighth month of the year

2020 is not an easy year. Life changes from the way it used to be. You have no chances to prepare for it, no back-up plan, no emergency kit. It is like you have been thrown on to the war before any trains on how to use a gun and a bulletproof vest. Most of us are giving up on the situation, being denial, and try to live a life like what it used to be before. It is so sad. I mean, we are all human, who is the most intelligent and high-quality living things in the world, and when some bad things happen, we just give up on the situation? Sadly, I admit it is what happens now.

It is the eighth month of this year, and it has been the fifth month of working from home for me. I feel a lot of things in the past five months stay at home. Fear, anger, joy, sadness, surprise, stress out, any emotion, you name it. I live in a boarding house in the middle of Jakarta, while all my family is far away in the east part of Indonesia. I planned my holiday in May since last year, I imagine my whole 2 weeks at home and have quality time with my family. I was excited waiting for May to come, but then everything changes in March, and here I am in August still waiting for this pandemic to stop so I can have a good time with my family.

There was a time when I feel so stressed out and overwhelmed in my room, I felt that I need to go out and meet people so I can feel better. Then I remember friends who still working at the hospital, trying their best to take care of the patients. No matter how tired they are, how stress they are, how madness the current condition is, they still stand there, with open arms, try to heal all the patients. That very moment, I feel so embarrassed. How could I, who is still given health, who still can work from home, who still have choices, be stressed out just because I have a privilege to live comfortably from home? I think this is my issue and I should not solve this problem by making another problem for other people.

I read how this pandemic affects the community. All people have their own problem and I keep saying to myself, stop being selfish and thinking about other people too. I try my best to found things at home that make me a bit saner. As I said before, we are the smartest living things on this earth, how could we easily ignore a thing just because we are bored and stressed at home? If we have the choice to do things from home, please use it well. Try to help others just by staying at home. It’s not a big effort and it’s easily done. Believe me, once you put all your mind to change the boredom you feel, it will be easy to keep sane while still staying at home.

Let’s ask yourself again, is going out and meet friends is really the answer to all your problems? Don’t you want to stop all this madness as soon as possible? And keep thinking, is what you are currently doing affected to all people or not.

Please be more considerate and keep a healthy life! 😉


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