Lifetime Goals?

Few days ago, I’ve attended a recruitment process for a company. In the end of the process, the recruiter gave some feedback and have a little chit-chat with us, the applicants. There was something that I remember so much from that session. The recruiter said that the most important thing from an applicant is his/her goals, what a company need is someone who can define her/his goals, is it suit with the company’s goal itself, and by work at this company he/she can bring his/her goals into reality. Yes, he said goals is what they seek. If he and the company should pick between the smart-but-don’t-have-any-goals applicant and not-so-smart-but-can-define-his-goals-and-know-what-should-he-do-to-make-it-into-reality, so he will choose the second one.

It made me think again, at that time, still in that room. What is my goals? Like the long term one. Because, if you ask me about the short term goals, well I can say it. I want to have a job, with a good salary, so I can help my parents, give my brother a monthly pocket money, and rent a small house in this town so I can live with my brother together. Actually, all my goals will aim me to one point: my family. All I want is to make them happy. If I should think as simple as I can, that’s the right answer. But, what the recruiter talk is not as simple as that. Like your life goals, what will you do with your life? What you want for your own life. Your blue-print design for your life in the next 5 years, 10 years, or even 20 years later.
It make me think a lot in my way back home. My goals? I don’t think about it yet. All I want is to make my parents happy, enough, case closed. But actually it is not enough. I should start to think about some more detail things about my goals. I decided that my parents’ happiness will be my first and forever life goal, and I will try to set some goals, some that will help me to get my first goal. The recruiter said that our goals must not a detail thing like I want to be a CEO in company X, I want to be a manager in company Y in the next 2 years, or something like that. You can make it as you like.
Well, my goal? Even I thought it as long as I can, it still hard to write one about it. If you ask me, what I want to do, I have so many answer I can give to you. I want to work in a place that can let me learn many things from many fields. I want to use my knowledge from my college, and apply it in real life. I want to be more useful for people around me. I want to help people every time they need one. I want to work in a place where I can develop my own self and simultaneously help this company to develop too. I want to work for some years, then continue my study. I want to try new field as I study.
Hard to choose, isn’t it? But then I realize that, I can’t choose one of them. I want to do it all. What should I do is determine the priority of those things. What can I do first, what should I do first so all my life goals can work as I design.
The topic about our future is one of the hardest topic I think. But as we grow up, it is something that we can’t deny and avoid. I am a lil bit disappointed with myself. I should think about it for many years ago, but I just think it now. Still, it better late than never, right? I decided that for now I want to find a job in a company that I can develop myself. In the other hand, I will try my best to help the company develop into something better. I want to work for about 2-3 years, then I want to continue my study, I want to have a master degree, in a field that I enjoy so much. After that, I want to marry someone, at 25 or before I turn into 26 years old. I want to save my money to go travelling, with my friends or with my husband. I want to enjoy my life so much. And after I marry, I want to continue my study aboard, with my husband. And in the same time with all those things happen (insya Allah, Amiiiiin), I want to make my parents, my family happy.
Well, it’s all that I can think hahahaha I hope this writing help you think about your life goals too. My suggestion is you should think it clearly, before you graduate from college is the best time. Because, as I graduate, I feels like time flies and I still stuck here when I should fly together somewhere with time. Sometimes, somehow it all looks like a dreams, but when you set it as your goals, then day by day you will slowly turn all your dreams into reality. So, it’s okay to dream about many things and let yourself reach it as it is your life goals, and one day you will be happy and proud of yourself to be someone who can have dreams come true. You just have one life so it’s okay to set your life goal as big as you can.

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