Miss me?

You know you’re missing someone, when all you can think are them. You keep remember every single word they said, their gaze, their hand movement, their gesture whenever you walk together. They’re the one you think before sleep. You keep thinking when you meet them, what should you do and what will you say. You want to tell them your story, a full story about your life without them. You want to sit with them, doing nothing just talking. You want to hear their story. You want to respond to whatever they will tell you. You want to sit there beside them, keep listening and look at their eyes. You want to hug them when they tell about their bad days and congratulate them for their best day. You want them to tell you how you look, after few months you don’t meet each other.
You know you’re missing someone, when all you want is they to be there. Just be there beside you whenever you have your worst and best day.
Yes, you are missing someone. I am.

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