Move on?

I just know, when you must move to a new place, and left the place you spent your whole four-years-of-struggling-and-being-mature is kinda hard. That I should move on to another part of my life, in another place I never even imagine, with some new experience awaits me there. It feels somehow exciting and excruciating at the same time. The feeling when you were tidying up your entire messed-up-life to go somewhere where you will spend another stage of the maturity process you should face……the memories there were eternally be there, but the people and the moments already passed and will never ever happen again like exactly as same as before. I don’t know, to move on, and embrace your future is this hard and sad. The way you were force to left it all behind, and slowly write the new stories. I know I will be overwhelming in this kind of sorrow for some times, but like people said, time will heal it all….and this new place will exactly be same as the old one with plenty of memories I will ended up leave all behind again. This is life, right?

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