My Choice

So many people ask me, why I don’t go back home yet? Well, I’ve spent my whole 4 years in a strange city and catch up my education degree. Now, as I’ve already got it, people ask me when will I go back home? Even my 9 years old cousin. He asked, didn’t I want to back to my parents? So many people ask me this, even when I was in college. They asked me, didn’t I miss my parents? Didn’t I want to spend my time with them?

Oh dear people, if you stand where I am now, you will knew that it obviously is a stupid question. I am missing them, yesterday, now, and tomorrow. And I’ll be such a good liar if I said I don’t miss my family, my parents, and my home. But you know, life is a choice. You should choose what you think as the best one. Me, I am choosing to catch my dreams first. I want to embrace my dreams, my goals, and my targets, then I will be back home. I choose what I want and what I think is the best one. I really envy people who can spent their whole day with their family, in their home. I’m kinda miss it. I miss spent my Sunday with my family, doing nothing just sit side by side watching TV and laugh together. But hey, life is not an easy thing, right? You should sacrifice something to reach the better one. Maybe now I sacrifice my beautiful time with my family. But, I believe my family, my parents know this so well, that I live somewhere so far away from home to pursuit my dreams, my targets, my goals, to get a better life, to make my parents happy. I know for sure they know it well, and they always pray for my best, so I can get my dreams and can come back home as soon as possible. I love them and miss them so much, and I know they have known it from the very first time.

So people, please never judge things (and also people) as like you know everything about them and you know the best of them…No, you don’t! Some particular things are not what you imagine and also different things from what you believe. Let people live their own life, and you should get your own one.

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