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My favorite palettes

Colors are unexpectedly important things in our life. Imagine you live your life without any colors. All you can see is in one particular color. Life would be feel so dull, right? I’m currently working on an ink company which made me realize that “Red is not just red”, and “there are so many types of yellow, which one that you want?” One day I look at a site about post ideas. I interest with a post idea, that is “Color combination that I currently love”. I am imagine the colors and randomly feels so happy hahaha. These are some colors that I love~~


In fact pastel is a type of some colors that is contains of some regular colors with more cool tone compared to the regular one -bad description, eh?-

Pastels or pastel colors are the family of color which, when described in the HSV color space, have high value and low to intermediate saturation.Wikipedia

What I really love from pastel colors that it made every color look so sweet, cute and calm in the same time. Before, I never ever love yellow, green and also orange, but after look it in pastel colors, I currently deeply in love with them. Everytime I look up this colors in Pinterest, I am internally screaming. I deeply touch by it, and feels like I can live in those colors forever. Lebay, yassss hahaha I am dreaming that in the future my home or just my wedding day with use this colors as the theme. I would be quite happy šŸ˜


The other color combination that I love is Monochrome or “Black & White”. You could see from this blog name actually. I named it as “Monochrome”, because I love the black & white theme also because I love the word itself. Well, actually Monochrome doesn’t particularly means black&white, it more about one single color. But, in here I mean black&white. I feels like it looks so elegant yet casually good for any occasion. It’s my second choice for my home design in the future.


White actually is not a color combination. It is just a color, one of my favorites actually. I really love this one. When I’m a child I always wondering why my home always in white theme. As I grow up I realize this color looks so good and can calm you down. Nowadays I really love any furniture with white theme or any white outfit, even sometimes white make me looks fat :’D


The other one that is my favorite color. Well, basically my favorite color is purple, you will know this one if you know me for a long time. But, as days come I realize that I’m more into Mauve than Purple. Mauve is pale purple. If you found something warm and also calm, this one is the best one. There are plenty of lipstick or lipcream with this color, in fact this shade is the most favorite shade nowadays.

Mauve is a pale bluish purple.Ā Compared to a pale magenta, mauve is a more grey and more blue color. It is often described as a pale violet. Reference.comĀ 

MauveĀ (pronounce to rhyme with “Jove” and “stove”) is a paleĀ purple colour. It is similar to lavender and lilac. The name comes from French form of malva meaning the “mallow” flower. Another name for thisĀ colorĀ is mallow. Wikipedia

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