My Favorite TED Talks to Boost Myself

I forgot when the first time I knew about TED Talks. I start like TED Talks around mid of last year when I feel like I need more useful things to boost my skill and self. My favorite kind of learning is by verbal, which is using words. A book is my first option when I try to learn more about self-improvement, but since I found it quite hard to read a self-improvement book, I try the other option, which is by speech. For you who don’t know, TED is a nonprofit media organization with slogan “ideas worth spreading“, mostly in form of short and powerful talks, with various topics, from science to business to global issue. I can find any topic I like there.

Here are the favorite talks I watch when I feel rut and stuck at my not-so-exciting daily activity, and I need to boost myself and my skills.

John Doerr: Why the secret to success is setting the right goals

John Doerr, an American Investor and a venture capitalist, said that why we mostly feel failed and not going to the right direction is because we are leading into the wrong objective. In this Talk, Doerr shows how we can back on track to the right objective by using “Objective and Key Results” method or OKRs. It makes me realize how important to set a goal and objective in your life. Something you can measure and differentiate the success and failure in your life.

Emily Esfahani Smith: There’s more to life than being happy

Emily is a writer of “The Power of Meaning”. In this talk, she makes us realize that there is something we should pursue more than happy. People keep saying and believing that key to happiness is the success, have an ideal job, perfect boyfriend, big apartment, and so on, but “the data showed that chasing happiness can make people unhappy”. She makes us realize that being happy is a moment and meaningful life is something more and deeper. It is really a good talk.

Matt Cutts: Try something new for 30 days

Matt Cutts is an American software engineer, just as ordinary as we are all, so feeling stuck in a rut is not an impossible thing for him. In this talk, he told about his experience, inspired by Morgan Spurlock, he tried something new for 30 days. It’s not always a big hard thing to do. Actually, he said that small challenge will most likely to sustain rather than the big challenge. This talk really hit me hard, it makes me realize that I should stop complaining about my life and how I live it. I have all the controls to try something new and change something I don’t like. It’s so recommended for all of you that feels stuck and bored with your daily routine.

Richard St. John: 8 secrets of success

It is a short talk but one of a great way to learn something about success from the successful people. Richard St John, spent ten years of his life to researched success and asked successful people from many fields about what helped them succeed, and put into a book. It simply said that success is not about luck, it is something you could reach by doing your best, practice, and all the other 8 secrets he said.

There are a lot of talks you can watch to boost yourself in term of skill and also mental healthiness. For me, I spent 10 to 15 minutes before sleep and watch a talk a day. To make it easier, I installed TED Talks apps on my phone and watch it by searching the topic I want or by the “Suprise Me” button. Try it for a week and you will be craving for some more every other night.

Do you have your own favorite TED Talks? Let’s share on the comment section below 🙂

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