My New Year Message

To: Anyone-who-colored-my-2015-with-any-kind-of-memories.
Hey dear, Happy New Year!!!
Thanks for being one of beautiful part in this year. For the happiness and laugh and randomness we did together and also the other memories. Thanks for being unplanned resolution accomplishment in 2015. I hope our 2016’s resolutions and dreams will also can slowly come true and fulfilling our year with the other happiness. I really am hope the best for all of us. We should meet again next year to share our randomness and stories that we don’t tell to each other yet. Maybe we can catch up with a cup of coffee, and tell each other how our 2015 worked and how our dreams for 2016.
Well, dear you, whoever you are, doesn’t matter when the last time we talked to each other, what the last things we shared, why we didn’t talk to each other anymore, and how did we part away, I just want you to know that it such a pleasure to know you and shared those things with you, and I hope we can talk again later. Oh, and I want to say sorry if I’ve done anything bad and made you sad. You know me, I really never ever ever mean it. Please forgive me.
Well, most of all I want to say thank you so much to let me know you and shared some things together with me. Every step we took together absolutely had become great memories and experiences for me. I hope you feel it to.
Happy new year! Happy holiday! May the happiness always surround you JJJ

Sincerely yours,
Fildzah Khalishah Alhadar

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