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New Places I’ve been Traveled in 2017

This kind of post supposedly written in the early year, when the new year comes and you want to brag about your last year, but lots of things came up and I ended up going away from blogging life away too long. Yes, corporate life take my time more than usual these days. Well, it’s a different story and I will tell you next time.

2017 was a great year for me. I learned so much. New experiences, new people, new things, all came up in a year. Thank God I can handle it and survived last year pretty good. From all the best experiences last year, traveling was one of my favorites, either it was business trip or for a short vacation. It is not a long list, but the memories in between were super precious to me.

Bangkok, Thailand


In March 2017, I offered a new position in my office. After a year of the training program, a new position frightening me a bit. Long story short, I said yes to the new position and the company sent me to one of the sister company in Thailand, to have a short training and meeting with other employees with the same position as I am. It was my very first business trip. I went with my boss (well, ex-boss now), and spent a week there. I didn’t go to any tourist destinations, but mostly just went to the office since we already have tight schedules. Well, I didn’t mind. To be sent to a new place already a big thing for me, one year employee, without any experiences, I cannot complain more. One thing I keep remember about Bangkok was it is not so different with Indonesia, especially Jakarta. The street, the traffic jam, even the people look same (just the accent that different). I am so thankful for this first time experience, and promise myself that one day I’ll go to Bangkok for vacation, do some city tour, try the foods, also go to Phuket. It is on my bucket list this year 🙂

Calypso Cabaret performance
A spot in Suvarnabhumi Airport



This one was an unplanned short escape. It was May 2017 and I was going for 3 days, a long weekend one. The old me was a kind of person who not really interested to go to Singapore. But this time it was me who initiated this trip since we have 3 free days. After some googling, ticket searching, budget calculating, we decided to go to Singapore, but a low-cost trip one. We found accommodation with Airbnb, for the places to visit, we didn’t really make the itinerary, we just wrote down where we want to go and decided in the day. This trip was so simple, didn’t go to so many places, didn’t spend too much money, still have time to just wandering in the city, and also the great photos we finally bring back home. I do love my trip-mates on this trip and I guess next time I do really need this kind of short escape just like the Singapore trip we went last year. For Singapore itself, I fall in love with the city. So clean, so organized, the vibe is so different from Jakarta. Another bucket list from Singapore that I don’t visit yet is Universal Studio, and I plan to go this year too, I wish 😀

Saturday morning and it was so quiet and clear


Siegburg, Germany

Well, this one was the most unexpected experience I’ve got last year. As a teenager, I already dream to go to Europe, either to go for my post-graduate program or for holiday one. I always said myself that I will go to Europe one day, for sure it will be on my top lifetime bucket list. The dream came true last year. It also a business trip, to go to the headquarter of the company and learn more about the system and everything there. England is the first Europe country on my list, but Germany also good and it was paid by the company. Siegburg is one small city in West Germany (correct me if I’m wrong, I am so bad at geography). I have a long flight from Jakarta to Dubai, then a connecting flight from Dubai to Frankfurt. It was summer and I have experienced something new in my life. As people know that daytime in Europe when in summer is longer than the night time, and yes I’ve experienced it. It was a week trip, from Friday to Saturday. We arrived at Friday night so we can cure our jetlag as soon as possible, we just doing nothing and sleep that night, and start to travel to all the tourist places on Saturday and Sunday, then in Monday to the next Friday we spent most of our time in the office. In this trip, I also went with one of my boss, and luckily she had spent 15 years of her life in Germany, so we didn’t have a trouble for understanding the language. I’m a bit surprised that not all the Germans are so good on English. This trip was one of the unforgettable moment in my life. But this trip also changes me a bit. I’m changed, from someone who really wants to have a postgraduate program in Europe as soon as possible to someone who wants to postpone it caused I am a bit afraid that I cannot handle Europe so well. I don’t know why that is what I am thinking after a week spent there. But I guess, I am changing again after some months, now I really want to have my postgraduate degree in England, and challenge myself more. This trip leaves more memories for me, I guess it deserves a dedicated post next time 🙂

This is just a train station, but artistically great
The famous Koblenz fortress

Somewhere near Cologne Cathedral and Hohenzollern Bridge
The pretty Hohenzollern Bridge

Sawarna, Indonesia

Tanjung Layar

I’m not just into abroad trip, also domestic one. It was in November and I was bored with my daily activity, from office to home then office again then go to Jakarta on weekend or stay at home, and the cycle continues just like that. After some chitchat with my office mate, we all feel the same things. We urgently needed some simple yet refresh us a bit. Long discuss, some debate, we decided to go to Sawarna beach in Banten. It was 8 hours road trip from our boarding house (we don’t live together, but it near to one another).

We went on Friday night and arrived on Saturday morning. It was so simple yet we have so much fun. This kind of trip is what we really need. In this trip, we really have a quality time away from the crowd, from the things that make us suffer and stress, we really enjoy the trip, the time we spent together, ended up didn’t take so many photos and just talk with each other. This was I really need for an escape trip. I thank God that I can meet those kinds of office mate, who really have the same perspective on some things. The typical of millennials who so stressed out from corporate life, but don’t really want to spend too much money on vacation.  We all agree about the healing process from the stressing moment in our life. From this trip, I don’t just heal myself a bit, I also discover the kind of friends I need to colors my weekday a bit than usual. This healing trip becomes a regular one for all of us. We go to one place, after that we also plan the next trip. Last year we closed our year with this Sawarna trip, and this 2018 we greet our year with Jogja trip. I am looking forward to the next trip with this people for sure 🙂

The low tide in the Morning
From the balcony of our Guest House

Last year I experienced these four new places. This year, I will discover and travel more new places for sure. I promise myself 😀

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