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Oh I Wish…

I wish that I have a broken heart because of a lover instead of
this kind of feeling that I never be a good enough daughter for my parents.
Not because they never loved me,
but because they love me so much.
Not because they never supported me,
but because they support me for every step I take.
I wish that I have to experience that kind of
sad and depressed time because of a man who never love me back,
instead of this kind of feeling because of people who love me unconditionally.
This kind of feeling,
not because of they are the most selfish people I’ve ever met,
but because they are the one and only one,
who think me first before theirselves.
I hate that kind of feeling,
that I never be a good daughter,
that I always ask more than I should,
that I never give something to them.
just them who always be on my side,
for whatever way that I choose, they will think it is the best
whatever story that I write, they will read it all proudly
whatever song that I sing, they will sing along with me
no matter how good it is,
or too bad to be told,
they always be there, support me.
Oh God
I hate this kind of feeling.
The depressed one because I never be the best person
for them who love me endlessly.
All I can do now is pray, 
so You will keep them safe,
and please
give them my tightest hugs,
my billions loves,
and give them health and patience,
to wait me to be success.
Oh God,
for them who love me deeply, unreasonable, and timeless,
love them the way they love me,
the way I love them.
Keep them alive,
so I can make them happy, smile, and proud,
at least once in my life.

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