Passion is Overrated

“Passion is overrated. Work is not always about to do what you love. You have to do whatever you choose as your job, some tasks you like, some don’t, but eventually have to finish it all, you will feel bored, weary, tired, and want to stop, but that’s life! You have to do it all to keep you alive.”
This is advice that the 20-years-old-me would never believe I’ll say it. 5 years ago, I was an idealistic girl who thought that “Passion” is everything, and nothing could beat it. Now, as I experienced things, a bunch of interviews, some of the podcasts listening, TedTalks watching and great articles reading, I realize that “Passion is Overrated”, and there are other important things that should take into considerations as you decided about your career path, not solely by passion. You may still believe and take passion into your decision-making process, I’m not trying to change you, but here are some things why I think passion is overrated, and what other things you should take instead.
Finds your strength not your passion
You may regularly listen to people who said, “follow your passion” or “find your passion and work for it”. If we think it again, those advice are not the best. Passion can easily change. You may love something now but there’s no guarantee it will be the same thing you love in the next 10 years. Or maybe your passion and the thing you love is not something you good at. If you keep doing it, you will be stuck in the very same place as you start it. Everyone has their own preferences and goals, but if a career is one of your goals, then the best advice is to find your strength and work for it. There are so many books and articles you can read that will lead you to find your strength, or you can try websites that provide an online test or quiz about it.
Love what you do
Once you find your strength and keep doing it till you’re doing great, all the other things will come after. If you do it greatly and feel the satisfaction of what you do, eventually you will love what you do. It’s humane to love something because of all the compliment and pride. If you think you need to stop doing what you currently doing and do what you love instead, maybe it’s because you are bad at it, you are not good enough and you never feel the satisfaction of your job. I love what I do. My current job is not something I thought my passion is, but it’s something I’m good at. When I did it, I feel fulfilled and satisfied, even though I’m tired but I don’t care, I want to do it again and better than before. For me, what I love isn’t necessarily what I should do. I prefer to do it as my hobby and not my life job, so I can do it freely without any pressure to be good at it.
Passion can be change, it’s most likely will change
I’ve read somewhere before, that passion can be changed over time. What you passionate about on your 20s will be different from your 40s. If you in your early twenties and confused about your future, find your passion will take you to a new place. Maybe it’s where you supposed to be, or maybe not. Maybe you will build your career there, but then at some point, you don’t feel the excitement anymore, and that’s okay. It’s easy to get bored and tired of the same thing you do every single day. Remember one thing, if one of your goals is about career and reach a position, regularly changing your career path whenever don’t feel the ‘excitement’ anymore is not a good choice. You will follow your passion, you will feel the excitement again, but you need to start from zero again. Meanwhile, if in your early twenties, you already choose something, then you keep work hard and learning things, you will be an expert in the end. You will land on the position you’re aiming for, and excitement and fulfillment will come along. You are going to feel weary and tired of your daily job, and it’s okay! All you need is a simple short escape, try a new hobby, make time for other things besides work. Balancing your life is the key.
Be realistic

For me, this is the most important reason for doing something not just based on your passion. Some people said money can’t buy happiness, but you can’t deny that money is one of the essential things in your life. You need money for your daily expenses, to support your life, to let you do things you love. Just be realistic. Sometimes your passion is not something you good at, or maybe it’s not something that can give you money. As I’m growing up, one thing that I wish is to live a good stable life. Also, I can help my parents’ life financially. For me, it’s kinda hard to live that life just based on my passion.


“Don’t try to find your passion. Instead master some skill, interest, or knowledge that others find valuable. It almost doesn’t matter what it is at the start. You don’t have to love it, you just have to be the best at it. Once you master it, you’ll be rewarded with new opportunities that will allow you to move away from tasks you dislike and toward those that you enjoy. If you continue to optimise your mastery, you’ll eventually arrive at your passion.” -Kevin Kelly

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