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Passion, work, and everything in between

Yesterday, I started my day with something different. As people around me know, I currently in love with podcast –well, I admit now podcast just come right after book for my favorite media to learn. It all started since I listen to “Thirty Days of Lunch” from Fellexandro Ruby and Ario Pratomo. I thank my friend to tell me about Ruby and his instagram posts and stories. Long story short, I am one of their fans now 😃 Usually I listen to their podcast in the night just before sleep, but for this episode I listen twice to make me sure I understand more about this topic, I even take note for some part! I do enjoy this episode so much.

This episode was quite special for me. I have the urge to listen to this podcast since I read the title and feel so relate. They discussed about career, passion, ‘do what you love vs. love what you do’, and Ikigai. As a woman who just turned 25 last month, I also struggle with it. I fight myself on decided which path do I want to take? What I love from Mas Ruby and Mas Ario’s –don’t say that I’m too friendly, as I follow them on IG, I know that they prefer to be called that 😆- podcast is they shared what they know, they shared about their experiences, they shared their own thought about the topics, they also invited guests who are the expert of the topics. In this episode, they made it a bit different since they didn’t introduce their guest, they made it anonymous, just call him Mas Pramudia 😅

Three of them shared about their twenties and how they faced it. There are so many things that makes me feel so related and wake me up. All this time I fight with myself, which path should I choose and take? Should I choose my passion or should I choose whatever come first? They said in their way to find passion, it was more trial and error. It is humane to feel lost when you graduated. For me, I didn’t know what I want to do, what my passion is, what should I do for a living, all I know is I am good with number and I want to work somewhere that make me use my analytical thinking. I was struggle to find a job for about 6 months after my graduation, it was a long time for the alumnus of my college. All I think was I need to find a job that satisfied me, so I can be a better me. After some rejecting, I found a job that I think would be the most suitable with myself. In this podcast, all of them agreed that being realistic is more important than keep searching for some job that match with your passion, because “money is not everything, but almost all decisions in life are related to money” as Mas Ruby said. After three years since I said yes to my first job, I couldn’t agree more with it. At first I couldn’t get all the expectation when I said yes, but as times go by I got more what I need and I realized that this is how life works.

In this episode, they also shared about Ikigai. My friend once told me about it, but I didn’t pay attention to it, but here I understood more. They agreed that it would be better to used the term Ikigai than Passion. In Passion, all you thought just “what I like to do”, but in Ikigai you also thought about “what you good at”, “what the world needs”, and “what you can be paid for”, all together will combine and be Ikigai, “a reason for being”. I will not share much about this, I also still learn more for this concept. Just googling and you’ll find this interesting.


They said, there’s no right or wrong when you decided something, but you must know all the consequences. For them, in your twenties you should not just think how to work and do what you love, it is time for you to learn more things while try to love what you do. They all agree that we should be realistic and work first while do our best to find what our passion is. As stated by them, wherever we work, there are plenty of things, mostly soft skills, that we can learn. We can learn about responsibilities, personalities, characteristic, and how to investing in your own self. I admit it’s true. When we work, we know people who come from so many background, have different personalities, and we must deal with them all professionally. Whatever you do and wherever you work at, those skills are needed, so you can survive in the field.

There are some other things that hit me up as well, but I think it’s better for you to listen to the podcast by yourself. You will get it easily than read my complicated words choice 😅 I really like to read or listed or watch something that make me think deeply. It makes me learn better, to be a better me, to help me survive, while I can live my life to the fullest.

You can listen to “Thirty Days of Lunch” in links below…

If you have any recommendation podcast or you want to share what you think after listen to this episode, feel free to comment below. I’d love to discussed about it since it is a superrrr interesting topic 😆


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