Sad Beautiful Tragic

This song shuffle in my playlist, and I sing along with it. Before this, I never pay any attention to the lyrics, but as I am doing nothing now, I keep sing and think with every line of the lyrics. To tell you about the song, for me it’s kinda hurt but somehow so true.
When you talking about love, the first thing that you will think about is the happy thing, the happy memories you have when you are in love. The person you loved, the laugh you shared, the place you went together, the talking, the 2 a.m. conversation, the birthday surprise you prepare by yourself, all the beautiful things. But, for some people love is not that happy. Love reminds them to the crying, the expectation, the high hopes, the serious talking, the things that you don’t even want to remember. While other will remember the happy things about love and feels sad right away.
Love is not always a happy things, yes. Yet, you can’t deny that being in love means much. The butterfly on your stomach that will stay there for some times also a good thing to remember. The flutter you feel when he said something about you. The explicit flattering about how you looks. I bet you will smile whenever you remember it. And sometimes it is not always about those things.
*Oh my God, I am being too complicated with this kind of writing hahaha*

For me, being in love means you fall. You will go down there to a hole full of expectation and assumption about how things will happen. The point is when you should go out from that hole, with or without any hand that reach you from up there. When you fall into that hole named love and a hand comes to you to help you see the brightest side of life, that’s means you are loved back, the way you love him. But, when there is no hands come to you, all you will do is just waiting there for any kind of help. But, sometimes no matter how long you wait, there is no hand comes to you. You will reach a point when you should choose to keep waiting there or try to go out from that hole by yourself. Love sometimes can hurt you much. Especially when you try to go out from that hole and you fall again and again until all your body wounded. It will hurt so much, all that wounds and sores.
Sad, right? But, as we got wound when we were kids, the time you got it, you will cry as much as you want until the wound feels more better. You will cry alone or in your mom’s arm. You cry until you satisfied and forgot about the wound. And by times, the wound will healed by itself. Your mom will gave you the first aid stuff but after that she will let it heal by times. The same things happened to your wound from escaping that hole. By time it all will heals and you don’t even remember about the feeling you got from that wound.
Time will heal, they said.
When I was a teenager, I never imagine that love can be this hurt. And as I grown up, I realize that no one can deny the hurt side of love. I believe that everyone ever feel it, at least once in their life. The hurt cause by fall into the hole. And time to time, you maybe can’t forget about the hurt. But you will forgive. Forgive yourself to let your own self fall into that dark-tiny-hideous-hole. Forgive him who never gave his hand to help you see the world together. Forgive the other who don’t want to help you escape that hole. You will forgive, and then forget is not needed anymore.
This is why I believe that every kind of love has two side, the happy and the sad part. You can’t choose which side you want, but you can try your best to get the happy or to escape the sad side. And in the end it all will be the unforgettable memories, the one you will cherish for your entire life.
Sad and tragic, yet beautiful moment in the very same time, eh?


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