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Thank You (2018), Next!

New year is coming really soon. I am feel so overwhelming for everything that happen in this year. All the goods, new experiences, new faces, and the changes. I couldn’t thank God enough for all the things that happened. Not everything was good, but there was something good in everything that I’ve experiences this year. All the ups and downs and everything in between.

2018 will always be a remarkable year for me. I’m turning 25 this year, I move out from my comfort zone, I challenge myself a bit harder than before. I laughed so much, but I also cried. This year I asked myself what I want to reached. I want to be better than before and I should have said I am a little bit better from what I am yesterday.

I moved from a city that I finally enjoy, and moved to a city which is kinda new for me, I moved out from my current comfort zone, and repeat the ‘getting used’ part all over again. It is hard, I feel down sometimes, but deep down I know I do the right thing.

Life at 2018 may not be my best ever, but everything that happened teach me a lot of things. I know deep down, I am more mature than last year, I know myself better than before, I know what I want in this life. 2018 was amazing and I couldn’t thank God enough for it. Alhamdulillah đŸ™‚

Thank u 2018, next!

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