Thing that should not bother me anymore

Someone have asked me “What the point of being together with someone, when in the first place you know that it wouldn’t work, it will never last forever?” I believe it too. Why you keep hold on something that will hurt you. Why you fight for something that you already know the result is. “You both can’t be together, forever” that’s what people keep saying. “He is not the one”, “You both just hurt each other” those are what I keep thinking.
Then I saw a couple. I just know them. I don’t know the whole story, but I know how they started. And now I know when it will end. People keep say that they are the cutest couple ever. But I believe that everyone think the same things, “How this story end?”; “Will they be together?”; “How and when they breaking up?” That’s what people keep thinking. Cruel, right?
But this is the reality. They should choose. How they want to end the story. They are the writer of their own story. Not a very smooth and easy story. It’s a hard one. The hardest part is when they should choose. What will they choose? Their happiness? Or will they choose to be the right one even when it hurt?
See…what the point of being together, when you will ended up choose something that hurt you. Or even worse, it will hurt your faith, your family, the most important people in the whole world.
See…I guess it better to be pessimistic, like who I am, than be the optimistic, the one who keep think that everything is going to be okay as long as they be together. I am being a lil bit sarcastic, right? But why you choose to have a temporary happiness? You know when you start that one day you should stop, you just don’t know when.
I have two sides in myself that keep arguing, even until now. The one side said “Just try it. You both will be happy. You have a click with him. He is the one. You know it, that you want to be together with him!” while the other side said “Please stop it now. You don’t want to hurt yourself more. If you stop just right now, you will be sad for couple of weeks, you will sobbed for little memories you both have. But, if you keep hold on to it, when you know each other well, and you shared more memories together, you will be sadder. You will need more days, weeks, months, or even years, to moving on. Please think more about it.”

Oh yeah, what’s the point of hurting yourself? You know the story I said before? How they ended it? Try to guess it. And the side who be the winner? Which side that I choose? Guess it too. Who knows how this all ends. No one I believe.


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