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Things to be Grateful for: 1st Semester of 2018

It’s the second week of May already. Time flies, I know it already, but don’t realize that it fly this fast. A lot of things happened in the first semester of 2018. The good and the bad things came along. I know we cannot choose what will happen in our life, right? But, we surely can look back and be grateful for whatever happens in our life, that way we will feel blessed.
I never expect the first semester of 2018 to be this way. I meet lots of good friends, surrounded by people who are so different one to another, new challenges in jobs and everything in between. In the tops of all, I want to list things that I’m grateful for this first semester of 2018, to remind me that whatever happens (or will happen) has its own reason and at the end of the day I’ll learn a lot from it.
Lots of challenges in work
I learn a lot from this work. This position is something new last year. I impulsively say yes to the opportunity without know what will come. One year passed and now here I am. The challenges come and go. Most of the times it hit me hard, push me down, I was so tired and want to give up, but I survived. I know the challenges will not stop coming but knew that I was surviving before, I know I can do it all well and tick down all the challenges whatever it is.
It still the fifth month of the year and I already travel to 3 different places. One place I’ve been there before and two new places. In January, I had a short vacation with my workmates to Jogja. I also had a solo business trip last March to Phillippines, to one of the sister company, and in last month, April, I had a long holiday to South Korea with my college friends. What I love from traveling is the aftertaste it gave. How traveling help to clear up my mind, sort out things that stress me out, and color up my life a bit in my monochrome daily life. All the traveling gave different experiences and teach me lots of new things. I’m so looking forward to other traveling experiences in the rest of this year. Hopefully.
The experience of sharing what I know
Like I said before, in March I had to travel to Phillippines all by myself for a work-related thing. Since the company has a sister company in Phillippines and we have the same regional-boss, the boss asked me to go to Phillippines to share my daily job and knowledge I have related to this position. I am flattered when I heard it for the first time. I feel that I am still lacking to share the knowledge. I mean, I also still in learn stage for this position, and he asked me to share what I know to the other person, means he trust me. The feeling when I share what I know, it feels so amazing. I don’t know before that I will feel content after sharing things. I love the taste it gave me. Also when the person understands and can apply what I share correctly, I feel so pleased. When last month I get the news that I will have another sharing session with my other colleague, I’m looking forward to it and feels so happy.
Good friends
From time to time, I always feel so blessed that I surrounded by people who understand me and support me so much. My family, my best friends from high school, and my best friends from college. But since my after-campus life, I need to live far away from them all. I spent most of my time alone in Tangerang and met them just on weekend or on a long holiday. Yeah, it sucks, I sometimes feel so lonely and just can chit-chat just by phone. In that time I barely talk about my problems and things that stress me out, since I don’t like to bother them with my-oh-so-much-small-problems, and mostly hide my problem just for myself. But it all changes when I met new besties. My workmates but feels like collegemates kind of friends. I don’t really remember why we became so attached to one another, all I know that it all started with a short road trip together. I don’t see it coming that I can be best friends with them all. We all have different personalities, but I guess stress from work make us be attached to each person. I feel so blessed that I can know them and have them whenever I feel down. They listen to my babbling and can easily make me laugh at it. I have so many friends and family to spend my weekend with, and they are the kind of people I spent my break time, my after office and my weekday dinner time with. I’m so grateful that I know them all, and hopefully, the rest of this year will make our 2018 be a lot better than the first semester already.
I’m so in love with this kind of post. When I write it all down, I mostly smile it out when I remember everything that already happened in the first five months of 2018. I am so thankful and grateful for all the good and the bad things.
Let’s try to write every single thing that makes you grateful for, that way you will be more thankful for every experience, every memory, every spark, and stuff that life gave you.

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