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Time Will Heal


I wrote this one back in 2016, yesterday I read it again and I just push the publish button. so, this is not my current feeling or condition, also this is kinda story I wrote, semacam cerpen ala ala gitu deh. Please enjoy it 😊

She is sitting in the train, went back home. It’s Sunday night and the train are not so crowded. She sits with his earphone on plays her favorite playlist. She just met up with her college mates. It’s about 3 months since the last time they met each other, but the stories they shared are uncountable. By the way, she really like this kind of loneliness, in the public transportation, with people she doesn’t know, so no one have a chit chat with her, and she will spend her times thinking.

She remembers the stories she told to her friends. It was about him. Always about him. Well, they have not talked to each other like ages ago, but the stories and her feeling cannot stop there. She remembers her mates told her, “It’s not like you, dear. Totally different from the other kind of you we know”, and she just smiles. They ask, what’s so special about him till she can’t even forget him. “Oh dear, don’t ask me. I can’t even answer it.” her answer. She has not any other story about him that she hadn’t told them yet, but she still misses him. Her friends love her so much, they hate to see her like this because a single man who doesn’t even deserve it. She looks away, thinking. “Maybe it is because I feel like things between us is not finished yet…” she said. They looked confused. “I mean, he just went away. He said nothing. Not any single reason or explanation why he should go,” she tries to convince them. “Don’t you understand? He left you…he just goes. You don’t even need any other reason!” they kept saying this. “Yes, yes, I know. I just…I don’t know. I’m still thinking about him even with the smallest pieces left in me. I really, really want to forget him. But, how? How, I ask you girls! You’ve passed through this, right? Just told me how…” she felt like crying but hold it on. She is the type of girl who never cry because of a man, of love, or when someone left her. She never shows her weaker side to anyone. They hug her, “Time will heal, dear. Time will heal it all. For the first step you should never, you must never ever try to know anything about him. You should stop thinking about him. Every time you miss him, just call me. I will accompany you through the night till you sleep and don’t have time to think about him anymore.”

Yes, they said time will heal it all. Time will heal and she will slowly forget and forgive for everything that happened before.

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