When you keep looking forward, waiting for things happen, you feel like time walks together on your side. You never realize that once you look back, things seem completely different with what it used to be. Then you look forward again, this time you know that times never walk beside you, it always running in front of you. You’ll realize that you never ever win over time, you always behind it. It keeps running and running till things turn out to be a different one, the one you never remember. You’ll experience lots of things till you realize, that time not only running and left things behind, sometimes it carries on things from the past even just a bit. It is still running, and also drop those things little by little, until one point it all gone, there are not things from the past in your future anymore. Time drop it, every little part of your past will be gone and be forgot because that’s what time for. To keep forward and change things, to move to the future that full of greatest thing than before. To make you realize that today is better than yesterday, and so does tomorrow. To move on, to the very next day, the one that looks so much perfect than before.

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