To get your best future

To get a better future, you should work your ass off. There’s no such a thing like “get something because I’m just so lucky”. Maybe I’m a little bit sarcastic and realistic person, but I believe that to get to your dreams you should do your best, never give up, try again and again even if you are just failed. Work hard never betray you. The time you gave up is the worst time ever, and the decision you choose to gave up is the worst desicion in your entire lifetime. Maybe you will disappoint with the result. But never disappoint with yourself. You never know when you will get it, maybe you should failed two times again before you success, or maybe it just in the next opportunity. I believe that your best work will take you to the best result, all you need to do is just praying and do your best. And then you should waiting and let God do the rest.

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