Traffic Jam

(I don’t own this picture. I found it in pinterest 
and think it’s match well, here is the owner)
I’m a bit weird

it’s not judging but I think I am
I live in this crowded place for about 4 years, and still counting
I already felt many traffic jam before
the bad or even the worst one
I don’t know
but this is why I called myself weirdo
I enjoy the traffic jam
Weird right?
I am not like the other this-town-people,
who get mad whenever they were on a traffic jam
who will curse the government for the bad regulation
and the unsolved problem
I enjoy the traffic jam,
as long as I have my phone and my earphone
and I can sit in that crowded place
I don’t care
I do enjoy it
As long as I can sit and listening to my playlist
I can close my eyes and thinking about everything
If you someday meet me at a public transportation
and see me looks like sleep, with an earphone
Believe me maybe I didn’t sleep yet
maybe I just sitting there
about my life and how I spent it
about what I’ve been through and what I will
about life and love
about happy and sad
about laugh and cry
about the hurt and the hug
maybe I just sitting there thinking
or maybe I was asleep
who knows…
I’m a weirdo right?
I think I am
because I do enjoy the traffic jam,
a terrible one on this crowded town,
since my first traffic jam experience.


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