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Uncertainty part of Love

One day, a friend of mine showed me a spoken word poetry video. It was a performance of Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye. I fell in love since the first time. After that I found out all the spoken word poetry by Sarah Kay. I really love her voice, her poems, how she tell the poem she wrote. It’s kinda amazing, the poems feel so dramatically right, everyone can related to it, yet so simply understandable.
My favorite still “When Love Arrives” by Sarah and Phil. They both have the best chemistry I think. Looks like a lover, best-friend, siblings, partner, and work-colleague at the same time. And the poem? Try to watch it yourself and you can feel so related to it, at the very first time. I love the whole poem, but I still have my favorite. This part of the poem:
For me, that part of poem told us that maybe now you are not with ‘love’. You are far away with ‘love’. Maybe he is in the other part of planet and you both don’t meet each other yet. But believe me, one day you will meet him. Maybe not now because you both don’t ready yet. But keep tell yourself, your love is on his way to meet you, and so do you.
Or maybe you already meet your love, but he is here for a month, two months, or maybe more, or less. Maybe you are with your love right now, but who knows for the very next day? Is she still there? Is he? Maybe God send them for just a particular time, to let you know and believe about love itself. Love can stay, but it still 50:50 chance right? Maybe he can’t. Maybe love shouldn’t stay for your own good, for you both. Maybe love will arrives tomorrow, the next after tomorrow, or maybe this afternoon, this evening, who knows? Because “love will arrives exactly when love is supposed to…” And maybe love will go just a week after you meet, a months after your last meeting, the next day after your happiness, because “loves leaves exactly when love must…“. There is no guarantee when love will come or leave, but it shouldn’t be a reason for you to not greet love when she come.
This very last part teach us that, whenever love come, greet them. Make them feel comfortable. Let the sit, sleep, live, for a long time with you. But, when she should go, when she must, don’t be angry, disappointed, sad, and regret for love. Never. Be grateful for love. Say thank you because she want to come, when there are plenty of door open for her. Never regret every single things happened in you both. Whenever love leave, don’t forget to say “Thank you for stopping by” and never tell, “why you just stopping by?”. Love is a beautiful thing, right?
This poem really help and teach me so many things. Never get bored every time I watch it again. You should try it, believe me 🙂

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