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World is so big

This world is so big.
It needs all of your time to see it all.
Look at the sky!
It so high, and needs all your attention to catch it all.
And the deep of an ocean.
You should spent all your entire life to know it.
When you go to a skyscraper,
And think that it is the tallest things you’ve ever reach,
Then you should spent your day outside,
Doing nothing,
Just admire every shades of the sky.
World give you the prettiest thing ever,
And all you love is just the limited things made by men.
World never disappoint you,
With every message it sent.
The rains,
The sun,
The moon,
The stars,
The mountains,
The oceans,
The beaches,
The sky,
The clouds,
Everything world give to you,
Have their own message,
To tell you that,
“This world is too beautiful to just spending your time sit 
in that very table for every single day of your life.”
And this is what I said to myself everyday,
“Go out! It never too late to get know this world.
You will regret it later if you don’t do it now!”
And until now I still try to convince myself…

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